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Hello, World!

Talking Product recently presented my company’s new feature to The Product Group: http://tpgblog.com/theproductgroup/.

Seated with me is my esteemed colleague Jim, more our creative director.
Welcome to SeanTConrad.com! As a programmer I’ve edited my fair share of “Hello World” examples. Normally I change the introductory phrase to something funnier, here like “Goodbye, side effects Cruel World.” With this new Word Press install I’ll let the title of the example post stand because it fits for this site. SeanTConrad.com was created by me, Sean T. Conrad, to communicate to the world my professional interests and goals.

I’m currently employed as the VP of Product and Engineering for a publicly traded software company that makes consumer web and client applications. I’m not acting as a representative of that company when posting on this site and all expressed opinions are strictly my own. As a result, I will not mention the company name, but will always disclose if I mention products created by that company.

My main professional interests are consumer facing web applications, digital photography management, web start ups, digital marketing, and the Internet in general.

I began routinely publishing photos and writing to the web while in grad school in 1997. Unfortunately, most of those galleries were published ephemerally on free hosting sites like Geocities and have been lost into the void. In 1998 when I began working professionally coding web applications for a New York start-up, I became a little more conscientious about my digital output. I bought a digital camera in 2001 and started publishing daily pictures at this site, writing the HTML by hand.  That same year I adopted Movable Type and the term “blog”.

Those were innocent times and I didn’t see anything wrong with putting all my personal photos on line. While I never posted anything on the Internet I wouldn’t be comfortable showing to an potential employer or my mother, I recently felt it better to move the site for friends to a URL less connected to my full name. That left this site available to host my professional blog.

So, welcome! I hope to offer some insights on technology and where it’s headed. Please subscribe to my RSS feed, send me emails, and comment.  I’m open to new ideas.

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