Buzzword On The Rise

My friend Lyle sends an interesting link: Current trends for Web terminology and buzzwords, healing nurse posted on January 8th, human enhancement physician 2009 on Pingdom

A friend and entrepreneur once explained buzzwords to me like this: “Venture capitalists attention spans are so short, you need to distill your pitch down to one thing, thus buzzwords.” That makes me think of The Graduate and Dustin Hoffman being sold on “Plastics!” While it’s easy to get bogged down in over hyped keywords, there is value somewhere behind them and they can’t be ignored.

The article Lyle sent shows which Internet buzzwords are rising, falling, and holding steady, based on world-wide search data. Notable to me was one that I had never heard of: saas. The article also made me wonder if the rise and decline of certain words had more to do with the popularity of the nomenclature and less to do with the validity of the idea. Certain terms become dated (like Web 2.0) especially after economic downturns.


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