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Ingredients vs. Stew

A friend just told me a version of an often heard story in tech. Her marketing company built a site without the ability to track key metrics of the ads. The tech people responded, “It wasn’t in the specs,” which … Continue reading

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10 Tips for Your Small Consumer Web Site: SEO, Buzz, and More (in no particular order)

My friend Lisy is selling personalized cuff links on line: They send you a kit with a putty that allows you to capture your children’s fingerprints. After you return, Lisy crafts a pair (or 3) cuff links that forever … Continue reading

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To IDE or Not

An IDE is an Intergrated Development Environement. Like most things in technology, it’s as easy to find someone who loves them as someone who hates them. The PHP programmers on my team consider IDE completely bloated evil, while the Windows … Continue reading

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Programming As A Hobby

I spent a large part of Saturday compiling my own instance of PHP 5.2.6 for, logged into a SSH session at my hosting provider Dreamhost. The goal was to include GMP so I could use the Zend OpenID library … Continue reading

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The Social Developer

Blogger and CTO, Jon Williams, wrote a nice post explaining why some developers relish the opportunity to manage; they want to be social. It’s been a driving imperative in my career as well. Jon goes on to posit that Agile … Continue reading

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